Services & Facilities

Located on the NW Re-claim area at the Geraldton Fishermen’s Wharf, Geraldton Boat Lifters Ltd has the following:

  • 210 Tonne travel lift with 10.0m Beam capacity and 35 metres in length.
  • Dedicated docking bay for GBL vessels.
  • Over 1.2 hectares of hard stand area on which your vessel can be located.
  • Separate wash-down, sand blast and paintshed facilities.
  • Fully enclosed paint shed to ensure that the work completed by contractors on your vessel will remain high class.
  • Security fencing around the facility.
  • Perimeter security system which will only allow permitted contractors and staff access.
  • Ability to remove your vessel and allow you to refit it throughout the year.

Check out our facility with a quick video of GREAT ESCAPE below.